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5 Top Trends in Web Design of 2019

It’s probably not a surprise that we are continually asked to name the top web design trends that will shape our business in 2019. Today, we thought we would list top five of the most important and prevalent trends of 2019. Some might be familiar to existing clients and readers of our blog. Others are newer ideas that are taking shape and changing the way we use the internet.


Getting a potential customer’s attention quickly has always been a priority on the web, but now it’s a strict necessity. Most experts agree that you only get about three seconds before someone visiting your website from a search engine or social media link will click elsewhere. For that reason, website speed is going to be a most important consideration in 2019 and beyond.


If you assume that many of your customers are going to be using mobile devices, regardless of the exact proportion or percentage, it changes the way you think about putting layouts together.

A lot of web design companies are touting a “mobile-first” approach to design and development. We see a twist on this trend – a simple recognition that half or more of all web visits (in most industries) are going to come from smart phones and tablets.


Now, with mobile browsing, website speed, and intense competition being big considerations, we’ve gone the other way. The name of the game in 2019 is conveying as much information as you can in a very short period of time. That means minimalistic designs and web content that’s slimmed down to the necessities.


You might notice that speed and convenience are big themes here, and the importance of intuitive search and navigation tools just continues that thinking. Someone coming to your pages has a specific need or desire in mind. The faster you can get them to the information resource they want, the less likely they are to take their attention (not to mention their money) to another web destination.


Your customers are probably more worried than they’ve ever been about having their passwords, financial details, or personal information lost or shared on the internet. Smart marketers recognize there are huge liabilities that come with the failure to treat data security seriously enough. That’s why they are investing in SSL encryption and advanced monitoring/analytics tools to prevent and detect any security breaches.

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