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We provide types of data management related services such as Data Entry, Web Research, Data Processing accurately and within the provided time frame.

Data Entry

Whether you have few or thousands of records to be entered we would accurately and efficiently enter those records from provided source. Records can be from any source such as Papers, Scanned Pages, Google, Yellow Pages/White Pages directories or any other online/offline source. The end result would be cleaned data with a proper report of that.

Web Research

Now a day’s web research or internet research is considered to be one of the best way to search, collect, refined information from the internet. It includes many research types such as product research, online marketing research, email research, pricing research, data research. After doing required research we create proper reports of it.

Data processing

If you have got raw data and you want that to be cleaned and meaningful our team will help you with that. Our team would remove unwanted data from that and would create a proper report of that. Also if you want to transform from one source to another such PDF to excel or word and vice versa we would also do that with a proper report.